Our company offers an integrated set of services and products designed to help clients maximize their business profits with minimum effort. The packages we offer are amongst the best in the market and include everything regarding the installation and the proper operation of the Fish Spa units. Our support is continuous, starting from the initial assistance in the layout and installation of the facilities to the marketing of this kind of spa.

More specifically, after the study of the floor plan of your space, we oversee the construction of the facilities according to the specifics of your premises. The shipment of the equipment takes place in 2 to 6 weeks depending on availability and the promptness of the order before the start of the summer season. When the units are installed, the biological filter in the aquarium should work for a few days so that the water will become ready to receive fish. After the water ‘settles down’ and ensures the best living conditions for our fish, we ship them over to you and the aquarium is ready to fully operate and begin to serve your customers.

The caring for your business does not stop here.  For anything you need we stay in contact, consulting with you in oder to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Moreover we provide you with marketing material in order to promote the fish spa service and increase the number of customers visiting your shop.

Our main goal is to adapt to the requirements of each customer. For this reason, we are always available to discuss the details of a possible cooperation and help you get ahead of the competition in a rapidly growing sector. Our values ​​guarantee your satisfaction:

priority to quality, respect to the customer