• How can I be assured that my business will benefit from the acquisition of fish-spa facilities?

The particularly high growth rates of the industry over the last 2 years and its worldwide spread is an indication of the fish-spa popularity. This also suggests the great potential of the business as it is still in an early development stage and there is space for further business development. The low requirements in space and maintenance are also two additional reasons to make the investment in fish spas very attractive.

At the same time the nature of the business can easily be a free advertisement of its own. The fish spa concept is something completely new and spreads quickly by the word of mouth due to its uniqueness and the curiosity it causes to the public. This way it may become an attraction for the other services you may offer.

  • People say that the fish spa is a totally painless procedure, is this true? 

The fish spa is not only painless, but also particularly pleasing for those who try it. The fish provide a unique tickling experience, equal to hundreds of ‘micro-kisses’ per minute. At the same time the water temperature is maintained at 30 degrees, offering a pleasant relaxation to the feet.

  • Is there a chance that the fish can cause injury or transfer a disease to humans? 

Garra Rufa do not have teeth and therefore cannot cause any kind of injury, they act in a very gentle way. Furthermore, there are not reported any incidents of infection or any side effects, as it is explicitly stated by UK’s Health Protection Agency. Relevant scientific research classes the fish spa as a safe treatment.

  • I don’t have any knowledge about the care of the fish and the operation of the aquarium, will I need to spend time to learn how they work?

As part of the support we provide to our customers, we also include adequate training and printed material relating to the operation of the fish spa and the aquarium maintenance. After the sale we keep in constant communication with you until you feel confident for every aspect of your new business.

  • Is the aquarium water healthy for the humans?

The combination of 4 types of filters we use ensures crystal clear water, purified enough to meet even higher standards than these required for a common aquarium. They work 24 hours a day recycling and sterilizing the water at least 3 times per hour.

  • Is there any possibility that the fish will get full and stop eating?

One of the characteristics of the fish is their high metabolism, which drives them to continuously search for food, thus providing an uninterrupted treatment.